Mainer Nacie Atwell just won The Global Teacher Prize worth one million dollars. What she's doing with that money will shock you. 

Nacie Atwell is a beloved English teacher from Edgecomb, Maine. She has been committed to service for over twenty-five years, writing nine published books including one that sold well over a half million copies.

Former President Bill Clinton was on hand in Dubai to give the award away. He says he can remember all his teacher's names. They were instrumental in his life and giving this award away was personally gratifying.

It's what Nancie is doing with the ONE MILLION she wins with this title. She is giving all of it to The Center for Teaching and Learning in Edgecomb, Maine. The school she founded in 1990. And it never crossed her mind to take it for herself. She is a true legend in our teaching community and yet another reason why our teachers need to be compensated better. A lot of times, they are giving their own money selflessly, for school essentials when money is cut. Apparently Nancie Atwell is still doing that. Once a teacher, always a teacher.