Gita Pullapilly & Aron Gaudet, writers and directors of "Beneath The Harvest Sky " and "The Way We Get By" join Sandra & Teddy on WHOM:

You know how you feel like you know the people you haven't met yet? No? Well, that was the case with Gita and Aron. I felt like I've known them for years. Just plain sweet people. Great stuff-

Listen to interview:

We love talking, previewing, reviewing movies on the show and really love when one is not only local but brilliant! "Beneath The Harvest Sky" is set in  Van Buren, Maine during harvest break in Aroostook County. It’s about two  teenage kids, heading in totally different directions.

5 Things I learned watching this movie:

1. How cool the Maine/French accent is

2. What a potato gun looks like

3. How painful it was to be a teenager

4. The right way chase a moose

5. Where Van Buren Maine is

Go see  "Beneath The Harvest Sky"



BTHS wasn't beginners luck fror Gita & Aron either check out the trailer to their 2009 Documentary "The Way We Get By" set in Bangor: