Today we checking in with you to ask if you are a fan of summer camp!


I found this letter online and it got me thinking... is camp really as fun as they try to make it out be? I never got to attend camp, though watching the Family Adams sequel with always made me feel like I was missing out for some reason.


Whether you attended as a kid yourself or sent your own children to camp this year, we checked in with you to see if you agree with this girl that camp is "terrible".


Most of you indicated having a wonderful experience at summer camp though a few parents commented that their children didn't like being away from home for that long. Aj and I both were chatting about whether WE would be ok having our kids gone for that long.


While I want to give Ellie every experience I can, I do think I would miss her. However being the independent girl that she is I am confident she would come home with a ton of new friends and some pretty great stories.