coffee maker

Ever since I was a little child and my parents told me that candy wasn't good for me, I have heard nothing but bad news about the things that I prefer to eat and drink. And so it continues. The new thing to skeeve out about is my single serve pod coffee maker. Apparently it hosts a who's who of germs, not quite as bad as the Playboy grotto, but about as bad as a bathroom light switch. Blech!

Microbiologists studied the germs of regular house hold coffee makers and found lots of nastiness, including e-coli! How?! Just, How?!

Since I can not reasonably work out in my head how an intestinal bacteria gets on my sweet coffee maker, I can only take steps to keep her a " clean machine."

If AC/DC says it's a good thing, then make it so!

Here's how to clean your pod coffee maker:

Don't forget to clean the one in  your work place too!