The 40th Gay Pride Parade started with 'Dykes on Bikes'. It always does. It was great being a judge for best, most spirited entry in the parade because I had the best seat in the house!

I along with Ann Verrill (owner of Foreside Tavern and Grace), Celeste from WBLM, and the Mayor of Portland, Michael Brennan judged our little hearts out. Craig Miller from CBS 13 WGME was the MC and kept the parade moving along!

Democratic and openly gay gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud was the Grand Marshall.

Photo: Ben McCanna / For The Forecaster

I would love to say that I took this fabulous picture...but alas, I did not. This is from Ben McCanna from The Forecaster. He was generous enough to say I could use these pictures. Cuz let me tell you, I got the back of Mike Michaud's head from about 100 feet away. A photographer I'm not....

The Fran Peabody float was a hit! Probably because Fran was so popular in the gay community. She did amazing things to bring awareness of AIDS and those affected by it.

It was the Wild Burrito float that got EVERYBODY'S attention!

These guys were working it! And by it...nevermind.

The theme this year was 'Ruby'. There's a glass slipper reference in there, but ruby is also the stone for a 40th anniversary, which this was. So, that is the Ruby Red Queen and Her Court. Ohhhhh yeah!

This was kind of cool and made us all laugh from Nordstrom Rack!

Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.  Okay, pretty funny.

But my ultimate favorite part of the parade was that amazing flag that went on, and on, and on and on....

Again, thanks to Ben McCanna from 'The Forecaster' you can actually get a real sense of how gorgeous this flag was!

Photo: Ben McCanna / For The Forecaster
Photo: Ben McCanna / For The Forecaster

Now I heard and read that the flag was 900 feet long. No way! That thing had to be at least a half mile long! It stretched all the way down Congress Street, turned the corner and was down halfway on High Street on the way to Deering Oaks! 900 feet my foot!

It was fun, it was quick and it made me proud to be a gay Mainer. See you next year!

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