So board games have come a long way since the 80's. However, we will always have a soft spot for the original board games of our youth. (Before things got all fancy with apparatuses that throw pies at our faces) During the Awesome 80's Lunch today I asked which 80's board game was the best. Here is what you said:

Girl Talk Date Line

(Credit: ghostofthedoll via YouTube)

The stuff slumber party dreams are made of. Though thinking back it doesn't send a great message to young girls. If you don't match each teen with a date then you LOSE!

Mall Madness

(Credit: Lugnutsoldcrap via YouTube)

Mall Madness was my jam! The object of the game was to purchase the six items on your shopping list faster than anyone else with your VERY OWN credit card. And when you are nine years old having your own credit card is the best feeling in the world. Sigh, this game made being a shopaholic cool.


(Credit: E Tank Via YouTube)

I remember this game being a real nightmare to keep track of all the little pieces. The goal is to make your way through all the contraptions and traps and catch your opponent's mouse before they catch yours.

Bargain Hunter

(Credit: Crakkerjakk via YouTube)

This game is kind of like Mall Madness except with consequences.You are given a budget and need to furnish an apartment in the most economical way possible. If you exceed said budget you are in "financial disaster" mode and can no longer shop. I know, what a buzz kill right?

Mr Pop!

(Credit Museum of Classic Chicago Television via YouTube)

I never played this game but according to it is a combo of Mr. Potato Head and Perfection. Someone draws a card and it displays Mr Pop's facial features a certain way. The timer is set and the player must match Mr Pop's face to what is on the card. If the player doesn't put all the pieces in the correct place in time Mr Pop's head pops right up and the poor guys incomplete face scatters across the table!

Oh lordy lord these commercials really get me fired up to play some 80's board games. Are we missing any of your favorites?