The free section of Craigslist never ceases to crack us up!

There aren't many things in life that are free. There is however a bunch of free stuff listed on Craigslist. Some things seem like a pretty sweet deal for free - a mattress, a couch, some wood. Some other things are just...weird. Here are a few that caught my eye

Ladies Size 8 Panties-Free-New (Westbrook)

The person offering these free underwear insists that the package is unopened, and that they've never been worn. She also has a specific request: "Don't send me any weird emails."

Free toilet and marble sink (Cape Elizabeth)

Free toilet...just add water. Take the free toilet, and they'll throw in a sinktop...for free! Best of all, they're already out on the curb waiting for you to pick them don't even have to interact with anyone to get them!

free rooster (Charleston)

This poor rooster. His owner is introducing a new rooster that matches their flock breed, so this guy is the odd man out. So if you're looking for a good wake up call every morning, act now!!