Beach season is officially here! Getting the kids packed up for a day of sand and sun involves lots of things to bring to entertain them. Most the time, the temperature of the water here in Maine or New Hampshire doesn't even phase the kids. They will play in the water until their lips are blue! And, one way to keep them busy in the water is boogie boarding.

Boogie Boards are those fun half size looking surf boards you see at Walmart, or any souvenir store near a beach. They are light, easy to carry, and your child can pick their favorite from a variety of colors; or their favorite cartoon characters. Boogie Boarding does not require a ton of help for you to teach your child. It's more about timing, and just riding the waves. And, the kids can stay in shallow water to enjoy the sport. It's great exercise too for the kids. Boogie boards are good on the lake as well. So, after a long day at the beach boogie boarding, they will be ready to crash in bed early.

This video will give you a crash course on how to boogie board. Your kids will be impressed with your pro boogie board knowledge, and you will be so cool! LOL