If you think driving to NH is a long way to see a James Taylor Show I got news for you-


Sandra and I have been doing radio for a long time. We've both seen our share of concerts. One that stands out is back in 1983. The Clash were touring the states and stopped into the Cape Cod Coliseum. It was general admission and I remember trying to get as close to the stage as possible. I also remember it was a sweat pit AND they did play my favorite song at the time "The Magnificent Seven". That's all I remember. Many years later when I met Sandra we were talking about The Clash and both realized we were at the same show. WEIRD. The Cape Cod Coliseum is now a Christmas Tree Shop. WEIRDER. Not a lot of people can say they saw The Clash at a Christmas tree Shop-


Now that Sandra and I co-host a show together we will ask each other on the air if we've seen the artist that we're playing. Chances are right? Earlier this week we were playing a James Taylor song and I asked her if she had ever had the pleasure. She said no. Turns out I saw James back in the early 90's when I was playing golf on the Asian PGA Tour before my radio career even started. I remember getting a lil home sick when he launched into "Sweet Baby James" Yeah, it was the "from Stockbridge to Boston" part. Oh well, I made it back and can't wait to see JT and his incredible band again!

James Taylor is coming to Meadowbrook in Guilford, NH on July 14. 94.9 HOM has your chance to win tickets.