So I wouldn't classify myself as a "beer drinker" per say. However, if a beer is fruity, light or wheaty (is that even a word?) enough you can find me sipping upon it especially on a warm Summer day. The following beers from Maine breweries have passed my beer seal of approval:

Allagash Little Brett

With notes of bubble gum and mango this refreshing sour beer is flavorful and just goes down smooth.

Atlantic Brewing Company Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale

It might be too sweet for some, but for me this pale ale straight from "Bah Habahh" is a delectable treat.

Shipyard Brewing Company Blood Orange

This belgian style wheat looks and tastes like Summer. To me it is a tangier version of a Blue Moon, and I don't hate it.

Rising Tide Brewing Company Maine Island Trail Ale

So this one is venturing out of girly territory as it is an IPA. However, it doesn't have the bitter after taste that many IPA's have. I would describe this one as citrusy and smooth.

Now that I live in what feels like the craft brewing capital, I should really broaden my beer horizons. But hey, I know what I like! Do you have any recommendations for my limited beer drinking palate?