Portland’s Riverside Golf Course is hosting footgolf from Oct. 24 through Nov. 30. Think soccer without the running and golf without dragging all those clubs around.

The sport follows most golf etiquette rules: You and your friends take turns, no running, no cleats, no driving your cart on the grass, wear a polo shirt, respect the tee markers. And has a few extra rules: If your ball goes into a pond, wait for the ball to float back to you, if your ball goes into a sand trap you must kick it out from a standstill (no running start in the sand traps), your ball must be uniquely marked.

At Riverside, footgolf will cost $6 for nine holes or $12 for 18 holes. You’ll need a No. 5 soccer ball or you can rent one for $5.

Thank you to Heather Steeves and the Portland Press Herald for this article.

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