Where are the lowest gas prices in Maine & New Hampshire? There's a way to easily find the cheapest fuel in your area. In Maine, you can fill up with $2.91 per gallon gas. New Hampshire gas prices have fallen even further at $2.85.The Cumberland Farms at the corner of Main & Lynn in Norway, Maine is sporting the lowest price of $2.91. In New Hampshire, The Cumberland Farms at 99 Calef Highway in Epping wins the award for cheapest fuel at $2.85. Gas prices are constantly changing.  To keep up with the gas stations offering the best prices in your area, there are several websites. MaineGasPrices.com is the place to go for Maine.  You can sort by town, if you don't want to drive to Norway. Check out NewHampshireGasPrices.com to keep track of prices in that state. The highest prices can also be viewed at those websites. Traveling out of state?  Go to GasBuddy.

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