Thanksgiving is this week, the official holiday to kick off the Christmas celebrations. Or, the countdown to get gifts! We all have our own family traditions, and a big one is when to get the Christmas tree. And, of course, the type if tree is very important. Nowadays there are so many options for trees. I think almost too many! And, with many things, your Christmas tree style says a lot about your personality. Let's take a look at what your Christmas says about you, according to


Angel on Top

Three words to describe you: charitable, spiritual, kind

You are a kind soul, and people typically come to you for help. You have not problem showing your beliefs, and you take care of others.


Star on Top

Three words to describe you: leader, strong, and good

You make good life decisions, and tend to lead others. You believe in signs around you to help you move through life accordingly.


Fake Tree

Three words to describe you: planner, organized, and simple

You tend to do things that don't complicate your life. You like things easy, neat and organized. You are practical, because who wants to deal with finding pine needles in the carpet till July?


Charlie Brown

Three words to describe you: optimistic, unique, original

You can find the good in every situation, and believe that this life is beautiful. You are one-of-a-kind, and think creatively. You fun and funny to be around.


Homemade Ornaments

Three words to describe you: down to earth, open, and creative

You keep an open mind at all times. You love to show off your creativity and DIY. You make the best use of things always. You are open and honest.


Do it yourself Tree

Three words to describe you: Whimsical, handy, and charming

You are extremely artistic, and have the ability to create. You like to be different, and stand out. Your a big fan of DIY.


The Perfect Tree

Three words to describe you: controlling, visual, and perfection.

You crave structure in life, and thrive in it. You like everything to be just right always. You are a neat, and clean person. And, you always choose your choices in life wisely.