MasqueWatch #TwilightStories short film MASQUE and vote for the grand prize winner at!After her transformation, Esme's struggle to overcome her craving for human blood is only intensified by the painful memories of her tragedy-ridden past. In MASQUE, Carlisle helps Esme find hope for the future...and maybe even a family. Directed by Cate Carson.

Posted by The Twilight Saga on Tuesday, July 14, 2015



Cate Carson and her team at Sensorium Pictures are locked into an exciting and epic battle for the chance to direct a film with Lionsgate Pictures.

Stephanie Meyers, the author of the Twilight Series, partnered with Lionsgate Pictures to provide opportunities for female writers and directors. Less than 20% of filmmakers are female in the US so Meyers and Lionsgate along with Women in Film have set out to change that statistic with the introduction of this new filmmaking contest.


Over 13,000 entries for the competition came in and only six were selected. Those six were given $50,000 to make a short film that would then be voted on by the public.  The rest were encouraged to make their shorts on their own and submit them for a 7th wild card slot.


Cate Carson did just that. She and her team raised a third of the $50,000 provided to the other winning teams, and made a film that won them the wild card slot.


Cate and the other finalists with Stephenie Meyer and Kristin Stewart


Each film was tasked with creating a ten minute short film in the Twilight universe, and Carson's film Masque tell's the story of Esme's struggle after becoming a vampire.


While Carson may have had significantly less money to work with then her competitiors, it does not show in the quality of her film. It's easy to see why her film was selected, and it is exciting to have New England represented in Hollywood!


This group is absolutely the underdog in this competition and now the fate of their film rests in the voting hands of the general public. So please consider giving their film a view and follow the instructions below to vote!


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