Mainers hoping for a mild winter will be disappointed to hear that the 2016 Farmer's Almanac is predicting a winter equally as bad as last.


According to the Sun-Journal, Lewiston based Geiger Bros. put out their annual Farmer's Almanac and it's not great news for people in the northeast already dreading winter. The 2016 forecast calls for a winter similar to last years, with exception amounts of snow and weeks of bitterly cold temperatures.

The Farmer's Almanac is a long standing tradition here in Maine. The almanac, which began in 1818, uses predominantly the same formula to predict weather as it did when it first started. It charts moon phases, tidal changes and sunspot activity to formulate a forecast.

In case you're doubting the Farmer's Almanac's accuracy, look no further than last year. The almanac predicted the northeast would have a winter filled with shivering and shoveling. After several cities and towns received the most snow on record in decades, more people than ever are paying close attention to his years Farmer's Almanac.

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