Fargo the TV series is starting tomorrow night and it's bringing the creep factor back.

Fargo 'The Movie" is one of those movies if you come across it on TV personally I just drop everything and watch the rest of it. Don't know if it's the creep off between Steve Buscemi and William H Macy or Frances McDormands accent. Whatever it is the movie is a Coen Brothers masterpiece.

Obviously the jury is still out w/ the TV series starting tomorrow night on FX. Fargo The TV Series on FX. It's got a great cast. Billy Bob Thornton will provide the creep factor. Martin Freeman will handle William H Macys wormy role. He was once a Hobbit so that should work. Tom Hanks kid Colin is in it and lets hope Allison Tolman can do half the North Dakota accent that Franny McDormand did.

Are you gonna watch?

Did you like the movie?

2 Trailers and the first 7 mins of the series: