We recently did a survey on HOM Mornings where we shared some of our epic fail, "you can't make this stuff up" moments. You know, those funny, whacky, crazy things that happen that have us shaking our heads in disbelief and saying, "you just can't make this stuff up!" 

Leaving the gas pump in the car and driving off.. Leaving the coffee cup on the roof of your car.. Leaving grocery bags in the cart and leaving.. All "can't make this stuff up moments. Click on the player below to hear some of your "can't make this stuff up" moments as heard on 94 9 WHOM Mornings.

Here's a couple funny ones from our Facebook page:

MaryHow about a chance meeting with David Ortiz and though you could have said a thousand things all you could spit out was "David, you look good in purple." He laughed.

JessicaIn high school we lived in a big old house that still had a laundry shoot, while playing hide and seek with my sisters and best friend, my best friend decided to hide in said laundry shoot... after about a half hour looking for him we hear him yell "is somebody going to find me or what"... we had to call my dad because my friend had gotten stuck in the laundry shoot when his foot slipped

Click below to read more great stories on our original Facebook post:


Here is a compilation of some other's epic fail, "can't make this stuff up" moments. You only need to watch the first few minutes and you'll feel better about your moments!

Do you have any "can't make this stuff up moments" that you can share? Comment below or on our Facebook page post.