Looking for some fun, unique Valentine's Day gifts?  You will be totally inspired by these ideas! Reuse that heart shaped box from last year's Valentine's Day chocolates and fill it with miniature succulents for the garden lover in your life. Just be sure NOT to plop these in your mouth.

Pinterest/ glamitup.com

Along the same line, fill that heart shaped box with small bottles of booze for the fine liquor lover.

Etsy/ AbigailCDesign

If you're giving a Valentine's Day Party for kids or adults, these are perfect and simple to assemble. Fill bags fill with a little shovel, favorite candies and wrap it all up with a ribbon and note that says, "Hey Valentine, I dig you!"



This one is easy and inexpensive for your book lover.  Grab some pink and red paint sample strips from your local paint store.  Use a heart shaped paper punch and attach ribbon.


Pinterest/ ThePinningMama.com

Need a gift for the classroom or maybe the office front desk?  This will work with a couple of Styrofoam balls, terra cotta gardening pot and bag of lolly pops.  Let your imagination flow with these starter ideas.  Happy Valentine's Day!