I know we have the largest FM signal in the country but this is ridiculous-

We got this e-mail today:

Born and raised in Dover-Foxcroft and more recently a resident of So. Paris for 15 years, 2 years ago (March 24, 2012) I moved to the Hobart area of Tasmania, Australia to marry my high school sweetheart. He's a Mainer as well but has been living here for the last 30 plus years.
Long story short, I've been missing home and Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is NOTHING like home. So, I went online before Christmas to see if I could find some nostalgia of New England to share with my workmates and soothe my aching heart for home and my family. I remembered listening to WHOM at work when in Maine, so I clicked on the "listen live" button expecting to get a message saying I could not listen from this country and was pleasantly surprised to hear the oh so familiar sounds of Christmas music. I have now been a daily listener (which is your nightly, the day before) at work and get my fill of home sounds, commercials, John Tesh and local memories. My main goal each day is to work hard enough to cover the expenses to bring both my husband and I home for a visit, or pay the airfare for my adult kids to come here for a visit. Listening to WHOM helps make the day go by so quickly. Thanks for giving me a daily dose of "home" to smile and day dream to. (But still getting my work done, quickly and efficiently - wink, wink)Love WHOM! Keep up the good work.
Thanks ever so much.
Tami Clark Cox

I smell a new contest-