Nighttime.. Your day is done, house is quiet and it's the perfect time to.... THINK?!? Not so much. But if you're like me and millions of others, that's exactly what happens. The thinking is not the part that's affecting how you sleep -- it's WHAT you think about that makes the difference. Here are a couple things to avoid and what to think about instead.

First, don’t think about your email. Or your Facebook page. Or anything on your phone for that matter. Not only can the blue light from the screen interfere with your sleep hormones but also emails, texts and social media notifications activate our stress hormones in a way that keeps our brain wired.

Don’t dwell on an argument you had. Scientists at the University of Massachusetts found that sleep not only preserves negative emotions – it enhances them.

So what should we think about before bed? What we’re grateful for. It works by reducing the stress hormones that can lead to insomnia. When you crawl into bed, visualize your favorite place. This can help you fall asleep faster than most other methods. It works by allowing the creative side of your brain to dominate, which is what naturally happens before you drift off.

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