I'm loving the new cookbook Harbor Fish Market: Seafood Recipes From Maine by Nick, Rian & Kathleen Alfiero. As kids, we would rake quahogs from the mud flats and turn them into chowder. 

Our greatest fear was getting a mud puppy in the broth. Even with that experience and growing up along the New England coast, I can still be intimidated when confronted by a cut of fish or bucket of lobsters.  The Alfiero family from the iconic Harbor Fish Market along the Portland waterfront for more than 40 years has put together a book that will answer many of our seafood questions:  How do I buy the best seafood? What's the difference between wild & farm raised? How do I fillet a fish? And then once all those questions are answered, the Alfieros offer family-tested recipes from appetizers to soups to entrees. I'm pleased to have this cookbook in my collection.

Sandra Harris