I was traveling through the Nashville Airport this past weekend, when I spotted actress Ashley Judd in the TSA line next to me. Despite the dark glasses on a dark and rainy day, she looked just like any other person traveling. Except for one difference. When I looked down, I noticed she had two very cute pups with her. They had coats on and vests that said "service dog." I wondered what this meant exactly.

Thanks to a quick Google search on Ashley Judd, I got my answer. After a rough childhood filled with abandonment and abuse issues, Ashley changed her life with the help of a couple of fury friends and rehab for Depression.

So it turns out support dogs are not just for seizure disorders or the blind, but also as psychological support dogs helping patients with Depression and Anxiety.

There is so much we can learn from animals and just when we think we are taking care of them, it could be them taking care of us. It's hard to stay unhappy while walking through the door to a happy doggy dance and tail wagging.