REALLY excited pooch almost buys it after being reunited with family member after 2 years!

I understand this all too well. We were the proud owners of more than a couple of schnauzers in my lifetime. They tend to get up for an occasion. This is nuts and beautiful all at the same time.

Rebecca Ehalt, who is now based in Slovenia, returned to her family home in Pennsylvania recently for the first time in two  years.

Video footage shows her walking up the driveway of her parents' property and being greeted by  the family's very giddy pet schnauzer, which flops over after over-exerting  itself barking.

Rebecca scoops the animal up in a bid to bring it back to life and it immediately regains  consciousness.

However, instead  of barking the hound is heard softly whimpering.

Rebecca reassures viewers that the dog was later given the all-clear by a vet who was shown the film of it collapsing.


Are you a dog owner? Have you ever had an experience like this? 

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