I eat a banana every morning on my way to work. And sometimes, I toss my banana peel out the passenger side window into the woods.

My friend recently accused me of littering, but since it's bio-degrading I don't think it is! I mean, if I were tossing plastic bags and Styrofoam cups out the window sure, but a banana peel? Plus I make sure that it goes right into the woods!

We got quite a few calls both in support and against my view. Many agreed it's not littering and it's better to toss it in the woods than let it sit in a landfill, but others said if i'm focusing on tossing a banana peel out my passenger window i'm not focused on driving. And WORSE, they said I was attracting animals to the road where they get hit :-(

I still feel like as long as I toss it well into the woods no animal will need to come near the road, but maybe i'm wrong.

What do you think? It tossing my food waste into the woods littering?