In my experience I've always gotten violently ill a few days after getting a flu shot, so as a general rule, I don't get one.

Once I learned that Flu shots only vaccinate against 3 strains I figured my chances of avoiding the virus on my own were just as good as someone who got a flu shot. Plus, since I got ill 100% of the time whenever I chose to get a flu shot, choosing not to get one I felt improved my odds greatly.

Here's a funny spoof video that made me laugh: 

Much to my surprise people got really fired up when I told them I don't usually get a flu shot. I know vaccines are a hot button these days, but if you decided to get a flu shot doesn't that mean you're all set? I mean... if your flu vaccine works so well then you shouldn't be worried about me choosing not to get it... right?

Now, To be fair I am not a scientists or a doctor and I am not saying that no one should ever get a flu shot. But it seems like all my friends who get one end up super sick, so I'm just curious... what does it actually do in our bodies?

So what's your plan? Will you get the shot or live on the wild side like me? ;-)