If you see a mini-van on the road, 9 times out of 10 it's got one of those stick figure families in the window. I always thought they looked silly, but police are warning that they could be giving people too much information about you.

The stick figures are meant to represent the members of the family that own the vehicle. Some go as far as to list names and show some info about each member of the family. The daughter has pom-poms so she's a cheerleader. Dad wears a uniform so he's in the military.

Police now say that this can give too much information about the family and can lead predators and thieves to their next victims.

A search and rescue organization in Ohio posted this graphic on their Facebook page to show the dangers of placing stick figure families on your vehicle.


Do you have a stick figure family on your vehicle? What do you think? Is this overreacting or could this be a legitimate danger to your family? Share your thoughts in the comments.