Here's some of your comments from Wednesdays question. Do you and your family have a signature Christmas dish?

As always GREAT responses and recipe ideas.



Cheri GainerIce cream salad (not ice cream)

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  • Lori Bieszke Duguay What is ice cream salad? Could you message me the recipe?
  • Cheri Gainer Its one package cream cheese,  one thing of cool whip, one jello mix made cooled and just starting to get a glaze but still liquid, a can a crushed pineapple drained and diced cherries. Mix cream cheese cherries and pineapple together then poor in jello. After thats mixed fold in the cool whip. Then put cut half cherries on top. It an airy light yummy dessert.
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  • Lori Costigan No picture sorry.  But Jezebel sauce -  homemade cranberry sauce with horseradish.   Everyone makes me make it.  I jar it as a gift for those who really love it.  :-)
  • Davene Conley Dadiego If it's Italian it's on our table
  • Renée SmallMy Christmas Breakfast Casserole.  You make it the night before, let it set in the fridge overnight and heat it up in the morning.  I found a new recipe for it that I am going to try this year.

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