One of the biggest mysteries of modern times has been solved according to a new book. Russell Edwards author of the new book, Naming Jack the Ripper has spent years with cutting edge DNA technology to reveal the notorious murderer. 

Jack the Ripper has been identified as Polish-born Aaron Kosminski. He has been one of the top three suspects in the case dating back to 1888. Amateur sleuth Russell Edwards purchased a shawl at auction believed to belong to Ripper victim Catherine Eddowes. He brought the shawl to DNA expert Dr. Jari Louhelainen who developed new tests for mitocondrial DNA which was still present on the shawl. Gathering DNA through the female descendants of both Catherine Eddowes and Aaron Kosminski, they were able to prove both had left traces on the shawl. It might not be enough to hold up in court, but's it's a pretty compelling case.

Deborah Halber, author of Skeleton Crew: How Amateur Sleuth's are Solving America's Coldest Cases says, "This case illustrates perfectly the combination of persistence, smarts and sheer blind luck that allows amateur detectives to unravel cold cases that have stymied law enforcement for decades."

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