Many people love to know who they come from.  Our family history is especially intriguing with the stories and places our ancestors held in history. Growing up we hear bits and pieces about the people we have descended from. Have you discovered your roots?

My interest was first sparked by my grandmother telling me that we had ancestors who came over on the Mayflower. But, it kicked into high gear when my mother-in-law bought a copy of Family Tree Maker software. I spent years researching my lineage at historical societies, cemeteries, libraries and databases.  I poured through family letters, diaries and photos.  I discovered the truth behind scandals and good deeds. It's much like a big jigsaw puzzle.

Teddy had been talking about his roots and wanted to discover more.  So, I did a quick search to fill in a few details with some of what I had learned about genealogical research. But, when Paul Doucette, President of the Greater Portland Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society approached me about the Southern Maine Genealogical Conference, I thought this may be a chance for Teddy to get more details about his family history.

Paul came into the studios to do an interview about the conference and how people can do their own research.  That can be heard below. I also passed along some details on Teddy's lineage for a volunteer to research his family history.  We'll be checking back in with Paul in May to find out what scandals & good deeds lie in Teddy's family's past.

Paul Doucette Interview