Let's face it, kids are expensive and an April vacation at Disney could put you in the poor house. No problem! Here are the top 5 roller coasters in America and you can ride them here for free! Buckle up, kiddies... 


MAVERICK - OHIO: This coaster reaches a max speed of 70 MPH, is a 2 min 30 sec ride and cost 21 mil to build!


Son Of A Beast - King's Island: Wooden roller coaster with a top speed of 78 mph. 3 mins of complete terror and 6 mil to build.

Kingda Ka - Six Flags, NJ: This steel coaster is pure adrenaline! Top speed 128 MPH :28 secs of sheer terror and 25 mil to build.


GRIFFON - Busch Gardens, Williamsburg VA: This steel coaster takes a whopping three mins to get through. Max speed of 71 MPH and 15.5 mil to build.





X2 - Six Flags Magic Mtn, CA. This steel coaster is sheer terror, 2 mins of stomach drops you'll never forget. 46 Mil to build!!!


Hope you enjoyed your free coaster rides and if you ever want to take a nice trip filled with fear and the possibility of losing your lunch, try these amazing thrill rides. But save up!