Just another thing I didn't know-

I had the pleasure of moving last week which I rank up there w/ being trampled by wild horses and then dipped into boiling water. My first move was to borrow my pal Taylor's pick up. After moving way too many of Honey's never to be seen again boxes of stuff she hasn't used since TLC had a L. I went to fill up my pals truck w/ gas. As I pulled up to the pump I faced a dilemma we've all dealt with since borrowing people's vehicle's  - What side do you fill? Well, I guessed wrong and off I went.

Two days later I rented a U-Haul for the big stuff. At the end of it I pulled into another station to fill that truck up. This time I was w/ my bud Steve who was nice enough to help me move. I said to him " take a guess which side to fill up, I'm usually wrong" he said "it's on the right dummy". WHAT?? He told me to look at the fuel gauge. I didn't notice at first. Huh? Look again, there's an arrow pointing to the side that has the gas cap. "How long has this been going on?" (Ace) He didn't know and I don't care but it is #988 of 1000 Awesome Things-