It was the day after Christmas and a light snow was falling, just enough to cause a slick surface for driving. I had just stopped by my parent's home for a quick visit before heading to the mall to join a friend for a little after Christmas shopping.

I usually don't think too much about turning onto the main road since I grew up there and I've turned thousands of times. But on this day,  I waited the extra 30 seconds for the car just cresting the hill to go. Had I gone? I never would have experienced what was about to happen.

After making my turn and driving for approximately one minute,  I began to cross the bridge that is just down the road. I could see a car coming rather fast around the corner, my wipers were on intermittent and the sound of slush and Ice shuffled steadily under my tires as we all crossed. It was then that that same car started to lose control turning in front of my car. I had no where to go. I crashed head on into her passenger's side pushing her car to the side slamming me again on the driver's side as well. I heard the loud pop of the airbag hitting my face and chest and the violent abrupt stop caused me to lose my breath.

It wasn't 10 seconds later that a man appeared at my door wearing only a green sweatshirt not a winter coat on that freezing cold wintery day. But it wasn't the sweatshirt that grabbed my attention, it was the fact that the man looked just like my Grandfather who was dead. I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I asked him "Did I die? Am I dead?" he cupped my face with his cold hands and said "no, you're alive." I felt an instant calm over me. A calm like I had never felt before. The interesting part is that no one remembers seeing this man anywhere. Not the rescue, not the police or the firefighters.

Wether this experience really was supernatural or my mind calming me in a scary situation, I will take it as an extra two minutes with a man I loved deeply, reassuring me through a time I needed him most.

Do you think this was my deceased Grandfather? Have you ever had an unexplainable event like this happen?  Comment below, would love to hear!