After Black Friday and Cyber Monday typically comes broke Tuesday. Not this year. I'm due. Not that I spend a whole lot on the lottery. Usually from $5-10 a week. To me it's totally worth the daydream. Tonight's Nov 29 jackpot is $230m. I'm no mathematician but if you take the lump sum of $125m after taxes should leave me say $55m ish. Right off the top goes $1m each to my brother, sister, mom & dad. (trust me they will get more) $2m to a friend who's been like a father to me. Honey gets $5m to take care of her family. Then another $4m to friends and just people who have always been there. I've always wanted to ask them "pls give me your next mortgage payment thingy" then pay it all off. Now I'm at $40m. Gonna need a house on either Sebago or Lil Sebago lake, got a piece of land in South Florida I've been looking at, few cars, a sailboat to get around the Caribbean and a wedding to pay for. Roughly leaves $32m. Keep out $7m for kicks and put $25m in the bank at .05 interest that will make about $125k a year. That will go to the (all of a sudden a lot less fat jokes) familly/friends of mine. I was told once "Dream big dreams" Someone's gonna win. Might as well be me! Mega info: