Dale Earnhardt Jr. breaks his losing streak with a HUGE win at The Daytona 500 then takes a selfie with his dad.His father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., passed away after being involved in an accident at the 2001 Daytona 500. In honor of his father's memory, the younger Earnhardt took a picture with the statue of his father saying how happy his dad would be.

Jr.'s heartbreaking losing streak has been going on for a while and this comes at a great time for him, but also to breathe new life into NASCAR. There has been a steady decline in NASCAR patronage since Earnhardt's death. Jr.'s win seems to have excited the base.

Back in 2004, Earnhardt Jr. crashed a Corvette, which exploded in flames and left him burned. Fortunately, he escaped the worst of the fire before he was injured more seriously, but fans have wondered over the years whether the wreck left an impact on his psyche. He has always said no and after the 500 this past weekend, it appears he was correct.

During that crash, Jr. recollects that he was unable to move while engulfed in flames. He said he felt someone lifting him from the car and pulling him to safety. At first, he thought it was a crew member, but if you watch the video you can see no one is pulling him out and it appears he is being pulled by a force unseen. Jr. believes it was his father's spirit pulling him from the car and dropping him to the ground. Watch the video for yourself and see it. It gives you chills!