Want a Christmas tree for only $5? Make an adventure of it and head into the White Mountain National Forest and cut your own. It won't be a perfect tree, but you'll have a nice story to tell about your tree. Dress warmly!A Christmas tree permit can be purchased for $5, cash or check only - from the White Mountain National Forest.  Offices are located in Campton, Gorham, Conway, and Lincoln, NH.

  • Trees are for personal use only, not for resale.  Each family may cut one tree per permit. (One Christmas tree permit per family)
  • Use only hand tools to cut Christmas trees.  Chainsaws are not permitted.
  • Make sure you are on National Forest land.  Respect the rights of landowners when crossing private property.
  • Do not cut trees in or near campgrounds, picnic areas, Experimental Forests, Wilderness, timber sale areas, or within 100' of a state highway.  When you purchase the permit ask if there are any known "off limit" areas.
  • Do not cut trees larger than 8" in diameter at chest height.
  • Cut your tree so remaining stumps will be less than 10" in height.
  • Attach your tree tag after cutting and before transporting your tree.

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