WMUR Channel 9 reported this story about some real heroes. On Wednesday, 28 year old Stephen Spring walked into the Hannaford in Hampstead to rob the store. But, things didn't go as planned for him thanks to the brave customers in line. Now a days, we are told that if you see something, say something. But, customer Bruce Cambrielllo by passed that, and decided to do something about seeing something.

As Stephen entered the store, he pushed his way into the front of the line Bruce was standing in, and grabbed the drawer from a cash register. Bruce immediately took action once he realized what was happening, and slammed his cart into the theft. Bruce said it knocked Stephen down, but he got back up, and attempted to run out of the store. Then, other customers stepped in, and tackled the man; and they held the would be robber down until police arrived.

Bruce told reports quote "“What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong”. Check out the Hannaford surveillance footage of the take down. Heroes are always among us.