Ding Dong! That can be a dreaded sound this holiday season, for some of you. Dealing with that crazy close talking Aunt, drunk Uncle, senile Grandfather, rebellious teen or unhappy in-law can bring on a lot more stress than Christmas cheer.

Here are some quick expert survival tips i compiled from various sources to help get you through it all:

-Invite close friends who understand your family, their presence will distract you and destress you.

-Take a nice cold walk! Walking releases endorphins, mood lifting chemicals to help give you a great start.

-Start the party after 2pm! Research says 4pm is the least stressful for a get together and the best time of day for good moods.

-Do as much as you can ahead of time to eliminate added stress, like cleaning and baking.

-Don't be afraid to ask for help!! Send your spouse to the market, have the kids clean up. You don't have to be a hero...

-Watch the booze. A few drinks can feel amazing but a few too many can add to family drama. Scientists say the most common time for family fights is 3:30pm.

-Have family bring a dish. It takes the stress off you to cook everything and gets them involved.

Hope these helpful hints aid in getting you through the stress of a yearly holiday family reunion. Sorry to say, I have no advice on how to deal with the "who are you again?" awkward human body sitting on your couch who may or may not be your cousin in law.