This is our dining room table, occupied by nine cases of Girl Scout cookies. That's cases, not boxes! This is my first year taking part in the sale with my nine year old Brownie. Now I have to deliver them, it's a little overwhelming!

After all of this work I still ended up in the dog house, because guess who I forgot to order cookies for? Our family! When Mark walked through the door at the end of his long day and saw this haul, he was stoked! Until I yelled out from across the house, "Don't touch! Those aren't for you!" He had that same sad look that Shayla gives me when I don't share a hamburger with her. He sulked and moaned. His eyes welled up when I said that he absolutely could NOT do a quality control test on a box of Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies.

If you dropped the ball and didn't order your cookies, you have a chance at redemption! Troop 1166 will be selling these treats so come and get 'em!

Girl Scout Cookies are only $4.00 a box and we will have all of your faves, along with some new ones!

  • Sunday March 15th from 10-2 our troop will have a cookie booth set up at Broadway Variety in South Portland. I'll be there from 11-noon with my daughter, come buy some cookies from us!
  • Sunday March 22 from 10-1, our troop will have a cookie booth set up inside of PetLife in So. Po. Come visit "Catnip", he's been there waiting to be adopted and he's a cool cat. We visit him often!

Stock up on these delicious treats and support Girl Scouts!

See you Sunday at Broadway Variety!