Cirque Du Soleil Varekai is playing in Portland and if you've never seen one of these shows, you really should. We were allowed to visit the crew before the show during practice and I don't think my mouth closed once. The way they flew through the air with ease and grace was dumbfounding. I also found out that the costume designer designed for a very famous movie and you can really see the similarities here. 


Academy Award winning costume designer, Eiko Ishioka designed all the amazing animal like costumes in Varikai before her death in 2012 and they truly are mesmerizing. Couple her severe angles, ribbed looking costuming and intense colors with the clever lighting and Cirque transforms regular people into animals scurrying across the stage. Eiko was also the designer of the Francis Ford Copolla movie Bram Stoker's "Dracula" starring Gary Oldman.


Here's a picture of Gary in Eiko Ishioka, he said it was the most uncomfortable costume he had ever worn. You can see the similarities between the costume being worked on above and from the movie.

Varikai's opening night received a standing ovation and I am convinced you will love the night out. Here's a link to where to buy tickets.