Sandra and I had this story earlier this week. Could you just imagine having Christopher Walken in your back seat??? I would have had to take him home for a while. Too many movies. Too little time. Good thing for him it wasn't me. It was these guys. Click Here:

Whatever happened to good ole fashion hitchhiking??? A pal and I once hitchhiked from the Southeast Expressway in Boston to the Cape Cod Coliseum to see some dude we never heard of called John Cougar open for The Kinks. The Kinks don't play anymore because the Davies bros cant get along, John Cougar is now John Mellencamp and is dating Meg Ryan and the Cape Cod Coliseum is now a Christmas Tree Shop. At least I can proudly say I've seen The Kinks, The Clash and The J Geils Band at a Christmas Tree shop! AND Sandra was at that same Clash show back in 1983. Small world...wouldn't wanna hitchhike around it-