One of the things I love about the 94.9 HOM Cupcake Challenge is the variety.  Samantha Cleveland of Kearsarge Cakes is one of the finalists who will be presenting her Chocolate Raspberry Rush cupcake at Dessert First Sunday, March 23rd in Portland.

Samantha's Chocolate Raspberry Rush cupcake is a super-moist, Black Magic (a very special kind of chocolate!)cake with raspberry jam in the center and cream cheese frosting. No artificial colors, no hydrogenated oils. A pure delight!

Kearsarge Cakes offers all natural and absolutely delicious, beautiful cakes and cupcakes for all of life's special moments, and for people... who just love cake!

Samantha Cleveland is the baker and she talks about her philosophy.  "With a personal love for cupcakes and the joy they accompany (and create!), and having been donating to bake sales, cakes walks and school & athletic fundraisers & celebrations for many years, my small, at-home business was created out of love at the request of many community members who shared my enthusiasm for the creations coming from my kitchen. I would be honored to be a finalist in the Cupcake Challenge, as I feel like I'd be representing my fans... who passionately declare my cupcakes as the best they've ever had. I would also be proud to offer delightful goodness that is ... ssshhhh.... all natural!"