It seems to be that a new discovery has been made when consuming products. Vapping is SO in right now! It is all the rage because one, it seems like it is right out of the future, and 2, it takes the 'harshness' out of these products that you enjoy. Now, Portland Maine has become a destination for dining and drinking. There are even Vape Shops popping up in town!  But, can you imagine when this product is available in those establishments? This new innovative product allows you to Vape your alcohol. It is called the 'Vapor Sphere', and is available now to buy! This product boosts that you can say goodbye to hangovers! I can see the amazement of your face now! Say goodbye to puking, headaches, and overall yuck feeling that come with a hangover. You can enjoy your favorite spirit by just inhaling it! Sounds like a good Christmas gift to me! Cheers!