Have you ever had a surprising celebrity encounter?. Check out our former co-workers latest trip to Costa Rica

Colleen Kennedy hasn't worked with us for a while but we all stay in touch the best way we can via Facebook. I saw these last week and thought it would be cool to share.

"Matt and his family happened to be staying right down the street from us.  He had been taking surfing lessons the week we were staying there.

"One morning, while I was down at the beach, I saw Matt leaving the house with his friend/ perhaps personal trainer...jogging down the beach."
Colleen Kennedy
" I had explained to him that I saw Matt doing his morning work out. We decided to walk by and say hello.  My boyfriend happened to be in the same graduating class at Harvard with him so we decided to approach him.  Matt was very friendly and approachable.  He was engaging in conversation and actually recommended a sushi restaurant for us to try.
"Matt and my boyfriend got into surfing talk and were discussing places to surf in southeastern Mass.  I took the opportunity to ask him for a photo (since I've had a crush on him since Good Will Hunting) ahha!"
She also saw Mel Gibson:
"We had two other celebrity sightings while on vacation - Mel Gibson (who was a complete sleeze) and a Tom Brady and Giselle drive by.  I guess celebrities like to vacation in the most remote places where they hope they won't be recognized."
Great stuff!!! Thank you Colleen. We love and miss you!!!