On Sunday May 8th, the morning after prom my friend Wayne Etheridge got the call no parent wants. His son Kyle was critically injured in an accident after falling asleep at the wheel on the way to work. Since that day Kyle cannot walk, but it didn't keep him from marching for graduation. This video made me tear up.

Wayne Etheridge

Just hours before the crash leaving Kyle paralyzed from the waist down he is pictured here with his prom date. His dad Wayne feels guilty for urging his son to go to the prom. He wasn't going to go because he had an early morning job the next day. Wayne cried to me on the phone saying "he never would've fallen asleep at the wheel if I hadn't pushed him to go." My heart broke for him.

Marching On!

Kyle is one tough guy. Right after the accident he said to his dad "I wanna march with my class and get my diploma in June." Wayne's heart dropped. How can he march with his classmates when he can't walk? But Kyle was determined. As soon as he could, he started physical therapy with his dad by his side.

If You're Determined, You can do anything!

Check out this video of Kyle during marching practice for graduation. The support of his classmates at Massabesic HS will give you chills.

Bills for Kyle's recovery could be anywhere from $100,000-1 million.