Looks like the mysterious Google Barge is on the move. We first saw the barge back in October on the Portland side. Yesterday it was moved to the South Portland side. Word is, it's outta here soon.  And who knows where it goes from there. I am just lucky that I got to sneak onto the Google Barge a few months ago while it was still docked. Check out this exclusive video. The workers there were very curt to me... but their clam chowder was terrific!

According to the Press Herald the barge will soon be on an "ocean voyage". We do know that the Google barge is supposed to be developed into some sort of amazing floating Google showroom that will sail up and down the coast. Here's the weird part of all of this...it seems while the barge was docked at Cianbro, that NOTHING was done. It sat there for 9 months, at a cost of $400,000 and nothing happened. Hmmm.

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