When I moved in with Meredythe, it all seemed so great. Until I opened the drawer in search of a fork. There inside, what I found would change my life forever.

No seriously. She has forks with only three prongs!

I mean... what am I supposed to do with that? Are they for shrimp? Are they a subliminal statement denouncing 'the establishment'? Are they a declaration of her allegiance to King Neptune of the sea?

I decided to ask her.

Anna: Hey Meredythe, why do you have three prong forks?

Meredythe: They are Historically accurate... and I have a degree in history.

Anna: .... right...

Meredythe: Plus... you'll eat smaller amounts slower

Anna: ... like a diet?

Meredythe: Sure.

Luckily I remembered that I had four pronged forks in my storage unit, which meant I no longer had to fear starvation. I brought them in the house and proudly announced to my roommate that we would no longer have to struggle to eat salad with her three pronged abominations.

She didn't share my view of her utensils, but she respected it.

Now when we sit down to eat, she places a four pronged fork at my place setting, and a three pronged fork at her own. Because that's how civilized people handle conflict.

But I have to know. Am I wrong? Or are three prong forks the worst invention ever??