Alright now, it's time to dust out the cobwebs in your brain, and use it! To me, Tuesday's are kinda 'blah' days. This is because Monday is behind it, and Wednesday is in front of it. It's a day where you exist, and go into 'auto-pilot' to get through the day. Hey, nothing wrong with that at all. So, how about a brain teaser Tuesday to get the ole brain juices flowing?

German artist Jorg Dusterwald is best known for body-painting women. He has mastered the technique of painting a woman to match the background of a photos, making it hard for us to find the woman. A type of camouflage. Say, if you are a hunter, you know what I am talking about. So, here's your brain teaser, can you find the women in these photos?


Oh, and, if you are into art, The Portland Museum of Art has a type of #PokemonGo app you can play to find art hidden in Portland, Maine! The web based game is the first of it's kind, and leads you on a beautiful hunt for digital art. As players add to their collection, they can earn rewards like free admission to the museum or a free copy of The Collection: Highlights From The Portland Museum of Art. Click here for more details.