Are you loving those bunnies in the latest video to go viral?  You can have your own bunny or two from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland...Two for One Deal going on now!

You must check out the video of a rabbit stampede on a Japanese island.  Rumor had it that bunnies were brought to Okunoshima Island for poison gas experiments during World War II. Snopes is claiming it's an urban legend and more likely that the bunnies were released by school children in 1971. Whatever the origins of the bunny gang, hundreds of the adorable rodents are the subject of a most adorable video. My first thought when seeing that video was "I want a bunny!"  Of course, my cat Lily wouldn't allow it.  But, if you need to add a rabbit or two to your family, the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland is a great place to start.