Builder of the House, the folk duo of Rob Cimitile and Elliott Heeschen, recently teamed up with some local filmmakers to create their latest music video for their new single, "There is no Hourglass, only Sand"

The video is a complicated one, done in a stop-motion style and the effects are all practical. Derek R. Brigham of Through the Door Productions lent his talents to cutting out lyrics while Cimitile and Heeschen together cut out every single visual you see themselves with just a plain old pair of scissors and some construction paper.

In a world where video effects are typically computer generated, this 'throwback' style of practical effects (though incredibly time consuming) emphasizes the fun and charming vibe of the new single from their latest album, Hourglass and definitely stands out.

The video was co-directed by Cimitile and Brigham, with Mark Hensley of Wicked Moose Productions on camera and it is pretty awesome. But don't take my word for it, check out the video below and let us know what you think!