Lori accidentally broke my bronzer into a million small pieces. I found a life hack on Pinterest and tested it. Did it work? 

There's nothing more annoying than dropping your blush, shadow, powder or bronzer and having it break into a million small pieces. You save it anyway because you love the shade, stick in your make up bag and soon you see an explosion that covers everything in that  bag to color you love so much.

Recently I saw a life hack on Pinterest and put it to the test...Did it work?

Here's the directions I followed...


1. Crush all pieces left into a fine powder



2. Add a few teaspoons of rubbing alcohol and mix together until fully mixed.



3. Smooth the mixture together and flatten the top...



4. Leave the mixture out overnight and it will harden and be back to new.


So, did it work for me? I will let you know tomorrow!